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Membership of this excellent club is easily affordable and, unlike many clubs, there is no joining fee.

Member Get Member Scheme

Last year we introduced a new initiative to try and address ongoing membership concerns. This proved very productive with many members embracing the incentive and encouraging a number of new affiliates. To build on this success we are continuing this approach under the same conditions and will reward members in the same manner as before.

By doing so you are helping keep your golf club alive and hopefully prospering as without members we cannot function.

The scheme operates rewarding the advocate who gets a new member, by giving them 20% off the new member subscription as a reward (table below outlines the rewards). The money is placed on the members bar card for use as they wish.

Member Get Member Scheme 2016

Subscription Categories 2017 Proposal Discounts
Full Member £425.00 £85.00
Senior Member over 65 £383.00 £76.60
Country Member £328.00 £65.60
Associate Member £245.00 £49.00
(In Full Time Education and under 25)
£150.00 £30.00
D1 (19-25 yrs) £224.00 £44.80
D2 (26-28 yrs) £280.00 £56.00
D3 (29-30yrs) £335.00 £67.00
Juniors 16-18 £80.00 £16.00
Juniors under 16 £60.00 £12.00
Juniors under 12 £40.00 £8.00

Funds can be used for Bar Card or towards future subscription discount, Members would be required to make a claim for the fund.

A previous lapsed member of some 3 years or more can be entitled to the discount.

Remember too that by being a member of Stranraer Golf Club you can avail yourselves of other benefits such as the Association of James Braid Courses where you get to play at attractive discounted rates.

Association of James Braid Courses - A Benefit of Membership at Stranraer Golf Club

James Braid

The Association of James Braid Courses is a collection of courses in Ireland, Wales, England and Scotland with one in New York, which were designed, re-designed or re-bunkered by James Braid. Stranraer Golf Club members and members of all of the Clubs in the association can enjoy preferential green fees at these courses. This list is updated each year with new member clubs.

Association of James Braid Courses 2016

Members Subscriptions 2017

Membership Type Fee
Full Membership £425.00
Senior Membership (Over 65) £383.00
Intermediate (19 to 25 years) £224.00
Intermediate (26 to 28 years) £280.00
Intermediate (29 to 30 years) £335.00
Student (Full time eductaion and under 25) £150.00
Juniors 16 to 18 years £80.00
Juniors up to 16 years £60.00
Juniors Under 12 years £40.00
Country Membership
(people resident outwith 25 miles of Stranraer)
Associate £245.00
Intermediate Associate see club for details
Junior Associate see club for details

Club Constitution

Constitution 2010

Membership Application Form

Click on the button below to download an application form.

Membership Application Form

Course & Scorecard

Illustration of the course at Stranraer Golf ClubOur course was designed in 1950 by the distinguished golf course architect, the late James Braid who was also involved in designing such great courses as Gleneagles, Rosemount, Carnoustie and Dalmahoy.

His spirit lives on in this classic championship course at Stranraer.

Please take a moment to view the course guide diagrams and scorecard.

Course Guide



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